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Finance & Accountancy Recruitment

The competition for qualified finance and accountancy professionals has grown exponentially in recent years

How you recruit can make all the difference.

At Sitka, we help organisations recruit reliable financial professionals with the accounting knowledge and highly sought-after soft skills they need.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the South Wales market.

This means we’re in an ideal position to recruit the permanent and interim professionals who will have the biggest positive impact on your bottom line.

Whether it’s a qualified accountant, bookkeeper, financial analyst or an auditor you need, we will always seek to recruit the professional most compatible with your business needs.

If you need support or are an accountant or finance professional with experience in the following areas, we can help:

  • Financial accounting
  • Financial control
  • Financial strategy
  • Management accounting
  • Credit management
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Project accounting
  • Finance business partnering
  • Group accounting
  • Accounts administration/support
  • Bookkeeping

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