The Sitka doors are open

The doors to Sitka Recruitment have officially opened, you’re reading this so that proves we are! 

Our aim with this Sitka blog is to share expertise, knowledge and experience; to help job seekers find a new role and employers recruit the right people for their business.  As autumn approaches, you may be thinking that it is time for a change or a new start and we are well placed to help you, as we start our business. 

If you’re reading this, then hopefully you are keen to come on the journey with us and see where and how we go.  I have no doubt that some of our ex-colleagues who we love dearly, will be curious to see what we are up to – I know I would because I am nosey! – so welcome to the Sitka blog everyone!

Since the news hit Facebook on 19 July 2016 we have had nothing but encouragement and support for our new venture, this has meant the world to us. I remember over 10 years ago a colleague at Hays said let’s set up on our own – at the time I was nowhere near ready but now, ‘we’ definitely are.  

Regularly we’ll share useful pointers such as; the best way to get to second interview, tips on writing a strong CV, guidelines for effectively finding your next role, how to successfully complete an application, attracting the best talent and so forth.  All tips and advice will be purely there to help either candidates find their next job or employers to find the right talent. We know there are alot ‘career’ sites out there so we will keep this blog punchy and concise. Having recruited for numerous management vacancies ourselves, we have a true insight into the frustrations of finding the best candidates and also how dealing with agencies can sometimes hinder rather than help.  We are different we can assure you of this.

Candidates: Interview feedback and why we give it – warts and all!

At Sitka we’ll give you thorough interview feedback, even the ‘not so good stuff’. We know through experience that, giving honest, clean feedback will help you succeed in getting your next job. We recently met a fantastic candidate he had all the practical experience the client was looking for, but after the first interview we felt we weren’t seeing the real him. When he talked about his children on a follow up call and what a great weekend he had, we suggested that he should show this part of his life and personality to the client, so they had a full picture of his values and how important his family were to him. He took our advice and he got offered the role. In today’s highly competitive market it is vital to show that you have the right competences for the role, but softer skills such as empathy, leadership and understanding are just as important – ensuring that the recruiter gets a feel for you as a person is vital, but also recognising what is appropriate is also important. We can help you get the balance right. 

To finish off this first blog we came across this video about regrets, it is a little on the cheesy side, but we believe there is a small lesson here for us all.

‘Never underestimate the importance of a firm handshake and good eye contact’

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