Don’t be the manager people leave

It’s long been said that people leave managers, not jobs, and numerous studies support this. Being a good manager really matters if you want to retain your top performers.

2020 was a challenging time for many people in the workplace, managers included. Adapting to managing staff remotely has been a huge change in how we work and should not be underestimated.

Given that new year is traditionally the time when people start to look at moving jobs this article offers management tips that will leave your team members feeling valued, happy and most importantly wanting to stick around.   

Clearly, different management styles will suit different employees, but the managers employees want to keep working with usually share a certain set of characteristics. As we specialise in management recruitment, experience has shown us that these are usually pretty evident quite early on in someone’s career.

In our view, the best managers are:


Good managers are organised, diligent and accountable. They plan ahead, are efficient at juggling a multitude of tasks, delegate effectively and help solve problems. As such, they are great role models for those they manage.

Good communicators

Managers who are attentive and make the time to actively listen and feedback to people are much better able to motivate their employees, identify issues and create high performing teams.


Good managers take time to understand their employees’ needs and strengths. They genuinely care about their health, well-being and progression and are able to provide the right opportunities at the right time. 


Belief in themselves and the business is critical to being a good manager, but so is belief in employees. Managers who don’t have this may find themselves micro-managing, which is no good for anyone. Thorough screening at the recruitment stage is a great way for managers to find people they trust to deliver.


Employees admire and trust managers who have credibility – those with the right level of experience and expertise who treat employees well and are consistently reliable. Managers who are transparent and willing to ‘walk the talk’ will win the most respect.


Natural ability isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to being a good manager; ambition and determination to become better can be far more powerful. Managers who are driven are usually better able to represent the interests of their teams and handle difficult decisions.

Managed well themselves

Even the most experienced managers need managers with the qualities above to help them be successful – it’s often the inspiration or support of a former manager who has helped them to reach the position they’ve reached.

At the end of the day, being a manager isn’t about being the most productive person in the business, it’s about empowering others to be more productive.

If you’re looking for your next management position or need help finding a manager who embodies these characteristics, please contact us today to find out how we could help.

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